Speaking of journaling, what better way to name our first drop in 2024 ‘Coretan’ (Thanks to @sabrsaayah for the great suggestion 😘).

When we brainstormed January 2024 drop, I was determined to do a watercolour base and our usual bold brushstrokes design -something subtle, not in your face because that is how I like to start the new year with. I do not like to rush into the year and would like to start the new year with something familiar.

We came out with 2 different characteristics for our drop and want all HS girlies to resonate with them.

Aamani is a little bit wild and a lot colourful (can you tell by the strokes!). She is that friend we all need, someone who will fight for your rights and won’t let anyone hurt you. If your friend does not have Aamani’s great qualities, you know you got to drop her 😂

Leya on the hand, may look like she is that fierce girlie (explains that Rust Orange coloured petals you see on her) but she is cool. Behind that R.B.F, she is insanely down to earth and a people pleaser. If you see a Leya in you, I hope you take a step or two back this year. You’re the most important person in your life, so treat yourself that way ❤️


xx Naz

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